Our Daily Bread: This is a website managed by Our Daily Bread Ministries with the expressed aim of connecting people with God and His Word. The website has a wide range of resources available: an online bookshop, podcasts, courses and a Bible reading plan. 

Bible Gateway: A website containg various free resources for Bible study, including an app and reading plans. The Bible is also availble in other languages. 

Believers' Magazine: A Christian magazine containing teaching and book reviews. 

Postal Bible School: Postal Bible School is a correspondence school which sends out free Bible lessons to registered students. Courses are available for pre-schoolers up to adults.  The lessons are also available in other languages. The lessons are also available on http://www.besweb.org/.

Precious Seed: This is a UK charity which publishes a magazine focusing on Bible study,  New Testament church principles and gospel work. 

E-Sword: This website offers free downloadable Bible study software for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple. Various resouces are included with the Bible. 

Bible Study Tools: an online bible study website with many various resources. It is similar to Bible Gateway, but with the Bible available in fewer languages. 

 Gospel Halls: a website which has a list of assemblies and their addresses in America, Europe and worldwide. However not every single country is represented on the list, so depending on the country you are heading to, you may need to search elsewhere. 

Answers in Gensis: this is an apologetics ministry which provides information to help Christians defend their faith. The site focuses on science and answers to the Bible, especially Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Creation Ministries International is a similar website to Answers in Genesis, excpet that it is a group of non-profit and non-denominational minsteries that provides answers to questions concerning evolution and creation and the reliabilty of the Bible. They have two publications: Journal of Creation and Creation Magazine. 

http://www.echoes.org.uk/index.php: This website is the result of the intergation of Internlink and Echoes of Service who support missionary work. The website has an digital magazine. 

Bible Hub: A digital Bible study resources, with bibles in various languages, sermons, commentaries, concerdance, Greek and Hebrews  features and much more.  

http://www.gospelhall.org.uk: A website listing the addresses of churches run on New Testament principles in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

https://www.gotquestions.org/: an website run by an ministry that seeks to provide biblical answers to spiritually related questions. 

https://carm.org/ Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry's website. CARM is a non-profit organisation whch aims to equip Christians with the truth about religionous systems, evolution etc.