The Riverside Gospel Hall is the building where we, the local assembly meet for worship. We are an evangelical, non-denominational New Testament Church. This means that we have based our assembly’s structure and governance on the principles and practices that are present in the New Testament of the Bible.

If you are not familiar with the New Testament Church, here is a brief explanation of its main practices.

  • Women in the assembly wear a head covering and do not pray aloud during meetings. This is voluntarily by the women. This does not mean that women are considered inferior or unequal to men. Rather it symbolises that a woman’s spiritual head is the man and that a man’s spiritual head is the Lord Jesus Christ. Female visitors are not obliged to do this – you are very much welcome regardless of whether you wear a head covering or not.
  • There are no clergy: instead there are several elders who oversee the local assembly. All Christians participate in the meetings held in Riverside Gospel Hall.
  • Weekly remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ during the breaking of bread (this is also known as the Lord’s Supper).